Smiley360 review: Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment + Moisturizer

I received a package of Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment + Moisturizer to test out. Can it be this stuff really works in one shot?  I felt the all-too-familiar of a cold sore outbreak on the rise and ran to get my sample of Orajel Single Dose.  Crack the tube, dab it on, massage in, slight tingle.  I returned to the tube later to see if I could eek out all the healing liquid goodness inside, but it was all dried up.  No matter, because a day later, there was nothing there!  Normally I’d have a big welt by then.  So, at least this time, it worked!  I’m so used to having to apply and reapply ointment that I still find it hard to believe that one application was all it took.

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Smiley360 review: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

I received an awesome container of Arm & Hammer baking soda gratis, to use as I like.  I love this stuff, have been using it for years!  Mostly it sits in my fridge deodorizing away, but occasionally I’ll use it as a safe, non-toxic mild abrasive for scrubbing the stovetop.  We also like using it to clean up any soiling my cat may commit – mixing it with vinegar makes it a good detergent!  There are so many ways to multipurpose that little orange box 🙂

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